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Our Elite Athlete Programmes are tailor-made and are split into three phases. Each phase has a plan and is delivered through our motivational, educational and proactive methods. These sessions are delivered in a one to one setting and with high quality coaching to ensure you stay on track every step of the way.



Amateur Adults (Those who want personal training and introductory guidance to general fitness)

Amateur Youth (Personal training for young people for general fitness)

Intermediate Adults (Semi Professional personal training & fitness)

Intermediate Youth (Semi Professional and Junior training for young people)

Sports Specific Adults (Sports specific personal training for adults for general fitness)

Sports Specific Adults (Sports specific personal training for young people for general fitness)

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Start your new lifestyle today.

You select your goals and we will help you to find the elite athlete within you!








Upon registering with 360 Elite, we begin with a full consultation which enables us to identify your needs. We then put together smart goals so that we can develop a clear and concise mental picture in order to achieve your desired outcome. Once we have identified your goals, and have completed your health and well-being questionnaire, the next step will be to conduct a full body assessment. This assessment includes testing your functional movement, power, strength, speed, agility, endurance and flexibility. The data we collect gives us the information we need to put together the most effective program for you. We will then focus on working on your weaknesses in order to build a strong solid foundation. This process eliminates any bad practices and will help you to develop optimal form while helping with injury prevention. At 360 Elite, we believe that it is important to train hard but smart. By going through this process, this will simultaneously create good habits that will last a lifetime. We take the time to get to know you and then teach you the method as the first step. Your weekly consultations will identify what is working and what is not working for you. We will also offer you nutritional advice with proven methods to help assist with your lifestyle goals. All of our programs are designed to be fun, dynamic but mentally and physically challenging. Even though the program is challenging, if you incorporate following the key ingredients; discipline, faith, commitment, and not being afraid of getting things wrong until you get it right. Then you will be on the road to achieving your goals.


Duration: 6 - 12 weeks




Once you've hit your goal in completing Phase 1, we help you to find the balance of what works for you, to help you to steadily make more improvements in the most effortless way. In this phase, your mind and body will have become accustomed to great training practices. In this next phase, we will adjust the workout program in order for the mind and body to constantly be challenged for growth and for development to continue to take place.


We believe in progression and carefully look at what you're doing and position you to get the maximum benefits out of each part of the program. Whether you're a beginner or a professional athlete, our training focuses on technique, movement and what's best for your body.


Duration: 6 - 12 weeks




Once you have reached your target goals by completing Phases 1&2, we will then make the following adjustments to raise the bar and take your body and training to new heights. Every 6-12 weeks we will use the following training methods to ensure you are challeged:




1.     We will change the exercises for each body part to allow the muscles to be challenged in a different way


2.     Adjust the number of sets and repetitions count to challenge the muscles


3.     Adjust rest and recovery timings


4.     Incorporate fasted cardio into your workout regime


5.     Introduce tempo training to increase the length of time muscles are under tension in each exercise


6.     Add or increase resistance within workouts


7.     Add HIIT resistance training into your workout regime


8.     Introduce an advanced level of training styles including:


a.     Super sets


b.     Giant sets


c.      Tri sets


d.     Pyramid


e.     Rest/pause sets


We are here to support you for as long as you need. Whether you have reached your target goal, to maintain; or to keep pushing your boundaries; we can make the relevant adjustments to your program to keep you on track to continue to achieve.



Our programmes can be followed worldwide with virtual consultations or in person.

Programmes can be followed from any location by Phone, Skype What’s app, Face time etc. our method flexes and adapts wherever you are and whatever your lifestyle.


This makes the programmes hugely popular with frequent travellers, and to those who live outside of the UK.




Congratulations! You have reached the initial goals that you set at the start of this journey. Now, we will create a bespoke program for your individual needs, which will incorporate some of the methods used in Phase 3 to help you stay on track and maintain your amazing results.