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During my work as an expedition doctor, I have found working closely with Pierre, the founder of 360 Elite a truly eye opening experience. His ability to recognise an individuals needs, motivate and achieve desired goals is second to none. I am astounded by the extensive research and knowledge that goes into honing his skills to achieve the unique goals required by his clients. I think it is this distinct focused care and attention that makes all the difference in the long run.    



Dr Patrick Heath



I’ve known Pierre for over 10 years when he was still imposing his skill and athleticism in countless basketball tournaments all over the UK. I couldn’t be happier for him when after decades of studying sports and physical fitness, he decided to turn into the field of personal development. I also knew that there is no one better to coach one of our Dunk Elite athletes, Joel Henry, when he was ready to unlock his full athletic potential. Pierre devised a masterplan for Joel taking him from being unable to squat to jumping over people and motorcycles at our shows all over Europe. His experience-based approach to physical development coupled with fun, functional application makes him the ideal trainer for all our athletes at Dunk Elite.


Simon Piechowski

Managing Director

PrimeStar Sports | Dunk Elite


I have known Pierre for 20 years. I have witnessed his excellence within sport from a front row seat and have been inspired by his attention to detail within his field. When Pierre first sat down with me and shared his company 360 Elite, I was immediately captivated by the unique angles and flexibility he portrayed. I then went a step further and viewed his training facility and non-conventional training methods. I was impressed, as I had never seen anything like it. His knowledge coupled with experience, translates into the progress and attitudes of his students and clients. I highly recommend 360 Elite, as I believe that it will change how we view fitness and wellbeing.


Steve Whyte

12x Author | Speaker | Life Coach

Better Days Network

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360 Elite has been a lifesaver. They offer the flexibility that allows me to train at a time that suits me, my job and my lifestyle. I train in my home and while I tip out of bed reluctantly, by the time I am on train into the city after a training session, I feel like wonder woman; strong, alert, confident and ready to take on anything the legal profession throws at me that day. Pierre has motivated me, a 50 year old professional who hasn’t exercised for 25 years, to do better, look better and achieve things I never thought my body could. All I originally wanted to do was banish my bat-wings but the way this programme is delivered is effective, compelling and addictive, this is now what I do and that is thanks to Pierre and 360 Elite.


Sandra Paul

(Partner at a City Law Firm)

SP 11

360 Elite got me not only moving but wanting to move. I am a mature

executive who hadn't exercised for 15 years. Getting started was the

hardest part but Pierre was excellent at adapting exercises to make

them achievable,concentrating on form not speed. I can see progress.


Dave Fiton

360 Elite Client


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A lot of women feel indimidated by the gym, I once felt that, but I would say for women that want to take that next step, 360 Elite is definately a valuable step.

akilah dale

360 Elite has helped me to gain confidence in myself overall, build up my stamina, strength, and my movement around the court. The training is intense and gets my heart going but it makes me feel great.

monet baptiste

(top 40 junior tennis player UK)